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16 April 2012 @ 05:24 am
100 Things Challenge #2  
Part Deux of the 100 Things Challenge! This one is going to be a little bit longer because I am including the actual embedded videos here. So, I will be placing them under a cut.

I forgot to mention, that some of these will have a part two to them, there will be ten more songs and this one will have another part. Here are ten performances. These performances are a weird combination of dances from So You Think You Can Dance and Slam Poetry/Spoken Word performances.

From SYTYCD Canada, a contemporary piece about a man who goes to visit his girlfriend who has gone mad in the hospital. Skip to about 1:05 if you want to see the actual dance.

From SYTYCD US, a dance about a young woman trying to fight off her drug addiction. Stunning, very powerful.

Choreographed by Travis Wall for his mother who had just gotten out of surgery(who I believe had been diagnosed with cancer), shows a son supporting his mother through that difficult time.

Katie Makkai, defines the word pretty.

Andrea Gibson, Letters to the Playground Bully

Ani Difranco, Parameters(Actual reading starts at 3:20)

Back to SYTYCD, a dance about a husband supporting his wife who is battling through breast cancer. Really really beautiful.

About a couple who are in love but are apart. Chelsie is my favorite dancer ever on the show, so her dancing in it had a lot to do with it.

A really stunning routine and I can't remember what it is about but it doesn't even matter, tbh.

First let me just start off by saying how much I love the song they danced to. This is about life stages, starting with a child, a young man and a old man.