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i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
08 January 2020 @ 12:17 am

just stay there

cause i'll be comin over

and while our bloods still young

it's so young

it runs

and we won't stop til it's over

won't stop to surrender
i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
02 November 2015 @ 11:01 am
Nostalgia brought me here, but I don't think any of my old friends are here any longer. If you are, hello. I don't even remember the proper use of this anymore. It's weird how often I used to be here, every day, sometimes two or three times to vent out my frustrations and feelings and talk about my depression. Reading these old entries is almost like reading into a stranger's life.

Not that things have gotten any better, because hell, shit's still rough,but a lot has changed.

If anyone would like to still be friends that I used to know here, please-- I'm at tumblr now, although its not the same sort of interaction, but you can message me! Here.
i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
19 April 2012 @ 07:27 pm
I try not to read books that I know are going to make me cry/emotional because I am a giant wuss. I'm not a lover of angst, so this list was actually kind of hard to think up but I thought up ten books that have either made me cry like a giant bitch or have made me emotional. Plus a little snippet of said book. Should be fairly spoiler free but read the snippets at your own risk.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
“I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that. That you wanted to sleep for a thousand years. Or just not exist. Or just not be aware that you do exist. Or something like that. I think wanting that is very morbid, but I want it when I get like this. That’s why I’m trying not to think. I just want it all to stop spinning.”

*I read this book when I was sixteen, so over ten years ago, and it had such a huge impact on my life, I know that a lot of people feel this way about the book but if you read it you would understand, it's just, to me indescribable.

and at that moment i swear we were infiniteCollapse )

i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
16 April 2012 @ 05:24 am
Part Deux of the 100 Things Challenge! This one is going to be a little bit longer because I am including the actual embedded videos here. So, I will be placing them under a cut.

I forgot to mention, that some of these will have a part two to them, there will be ten more songs and this one will have another part. Here are ten performances. These performances are a weird combination of dances from So You Think You Can Dance and Slam Poetry/Spoken Word performances.

From SYTYCD Canada, a contemporary piece about a man who goes to visit his girlfriend who has gone mad in the hospital. Skip to about 1:05 if you want to see the actual dance.

Ten PerformancesCollapse )
i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
15 April 2012 @ 08:04 am

{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

I've seen this on a few of my friend's livejournals and have decided to give it a try.

I will be doing 100 Songs/Books/TV Episodes/Movies/Fanfictions/Performances that make me way too emotional for my own good.

I've narrowed it down pretty well don't you think? XD Gonna start with music. I would love to upload the songs for everyone to download but sadly I pretty much lost all of my music a few months ago and rebuilding has been a pain in the ass. So you get youtube links. I definitely suggest giving them a listen, they are all beautiful. Let's get started with 1-10

The Luckiest by Ben Folds
And where was I before the day
That I first saw your lovely face?
Now I see it everyday
And I know that I am
I am, I am the luckiest

Exit Music(For A Film) by Radiohead
Wake.. from your sleep
The drying of your tears
Today we escape, we escape
Pack.. and get dressed
Before your father hears us
Before all hell breaks loose

18th Floor Balcony by Blue October
My breath is on your hair
I'm unaware
That you opened the blinds and let the city in
God, you held my hand
And we stand
Just taking in everything

Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol and Martha Wainwright
I'm miles from where you are,
I lay down on the cold ground
I, I pray that something picks me up
And sets me down in your warm arms

Joe Tex, These Taming Blues by Phosphorescent
i mean i lay myself upon the water calling water ain't you supposed to come and save us all from all these flames?
i mean we're caught among the awful branches and you know they're burning us and yes they're burning all of us's names

Neath the Beeches by The Frames
And you told me a story
About some guy who kept his head
He drowned neath the Southport
Near the pier where we stand
And I will lie with you neath the beeches
On the strand again

Painters by Jewel
Oil streaked daisies covered the living room wall
He put water-colored roses in her hair
He said, "Love, I love you, I want to give you mountains, the sunshine, the sunset too
I just want to give you a world as beautiful as you are to me
'Cause they were painters and they were painting themselves
A lovely world.

Breathe Me by Sia
Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame

Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
I've heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don't really care for music, do you?
It goes like this
The fourth, the fifth
The minor fall, the major lift
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

These Arms of Mine by Otis Redding
And if you would let them hold you
Oh, how grateful I will be
These arms of mine
They are burning, burning from wanting you
These arms of mine
They are wanting, wanting to hold you

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i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
21 August 2011 @ 12:18 pm
I participated in my first icon battle over at iconsecrets and was put in the Skins/Misfits group. I almost forgot about the thing because oh mmy god I just haven't even been on livejournal much but I wanted to share my set of icons here.

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15

If you want to check out the icon battle and all the other amazing icons you can see it HERE
i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
15 August 2011 @ 06:14 pm
Do you like scifi TV?

Do you like sparkles?


i'm a loner dottie;a rebel
01 August 2011 @ 08:36 pm

Do you hate waiting for the third season of Glee? Do you love the first season and want to reminisce about it? Are you just a Gleek, period? Then come join gleeverse, an interactive community where we celebrate Glee through a variety of challenges including graphics, fic, puzzles, and miscellaneous luck challenges. Most of all, get to know your fellow Gleeks!

All the teams are fantastic, and you can use, and talk about, whichever characters/ships/plots you like regardless of where you are! So please take some time and see which one fits you most. Remember: Team names are nothing more than names.


If you join, please say that haughtymelodic referred you!